Bad Cool: 8 things you should not do - Answer

Bad Cool: 8 things you should not do

Bad Cool: 8 things you should not do

Lust. Obsessive peach of the common man. The search for carnal pleasure. Only, if you want to reach this stage of your life, you must respect some instructions. You would not want to ruin this fateful moment!

Indeed, there are some things that you should avoid doing before having "it". For example, going to pee, it increases the risk of urinary tract infections. But that's not all!

To take the second degree, here is the list of 8 things not to do before concluding!

 1. Go away in the evening Fifa with friends
No amalgam ladies, we know that there are many girls who play Fifa, but in this one, we speak for others. So go for a Fifa = bad idea! your partner would be in danger of feeling helpless and not wanting you when the time comes. See worse, no longer be there, and you will be forced to get pleasure alone. It's a bit boring.

2. Make a satanic ritual to aphrodisiac power
To avoid. In addition voodoo wizards, satan's pals etc are often real quacks, and those, we can not find them with their note on tripadvisor. And besides, this kind of ritual often requires sacrifices of living beings, your partner may not agree. And then, all that blood in the room, not very hygienic. Eat rather a good pod of ginger, it's effective it seems.

3. Become a monk / good sister
It's nice to engage in stuff like that, really think about it before, because there you will never be able to soak your biscuit. No, your moral convictions will stop you! I do not know, if you really want to do something honorable, volunteer in an association, it's good too nan?

4. Voluntarily inoculate AIDS to make thug
Apart from proving to your girlfriend that you are not afraid of anything, there is no interest for you. For her either. Mutual respect, trust, all that fucked up! So avoid if you do not want to cool your dear and tender.

5. Train by putting your organ in a hive
Of course, a hole is a hole. But does not prevent, bees, it stings. So if you want to prevent your zizi from looking like Grichka Bogdanov, train with a sock. And do not forget, "Zizi pretty, zizi flourished".

6. Tell him it's to make a child
Children ... Nope but who still wants children without marriage? it screams all the time, it's boring. So bad idea, go ahead YOLO!

7. Eat raw herring
Not that it is not sexy, but it is that the herring itself is so erotic that you could leave your partner for the said fish. Your companion will be more jealous! Then, apparently, the herring is not so good at the stake.

8. Throw yourself off a bridge
Suicide Hebdo has just unveiled an investigation revealing that jumping off a bridge could lead to death, and thus prevent sexual intercourse. Who would have thought, huh?

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