Application Of Technology In Education - Answer

Application Of Technology In Education

 Application Of Technology In Education As we enter the modern era, almost all daily activities have become easier to perform thanks to ever-evolving technology.

Technological advancements can be found in many aspects of people's lives, including education. According to Cambridge International's 2018 Global Education Census, Indonesian students are very familiar with technology, not only for interacting on social media, but also for learning needs.

Application Of Technology In Education

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Technology, particularly digital technology, has been shown to increase student interest in learning. This is because the facilities provided by digital technology are more appealing, allowing students to avoid boredom while attending classes.

One example was during the COVID-19 Pandemic, when students were unable to meet face to face and had to rely on online media to attend school.

Education is one of the most important factors that everyone must possess in today's world. With efforts to develop technology in the field of education, it may be possible to reach out to all groups in order to provide education.

So, what are the other technological applications in education? Application Of Technology In Education

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