Are Technology Stocks A Good Investment Don't just choose - Answer

Are Technology Stocks A Good Investment Don't just choose

 Are Technology Stocks A Good Investment In 2023, technology stocks have taken a hit as a whole. This drop has been especially harsh on companies making their market debut in the United States in 2021. (US).

What about technology stocks in Indonesia? Investors are currently concerned about technology stocks, according to Nico Laurens, Head of Research at Panin Sekuritas.

This is because many investors are interested in how the company can adapt to changes in people's habits, such as the transition from online to offline following the collapse of the Covid-19 case.

"Investors may change their positions and purchase shares in companies that do not rely on funding."

Are Technology Stocks A Good Investment Don't just choose

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To begin, Nico advises looking at technology stocks from a macro perspective before investing. He also went into detail to see how the company is doing in terms of funding. If the macroeconomic environment is less constrained, companies will be able to accelerate more quickly, according to Nico.

"For example, if the money supply expands, the Fed has normalized it and raised interest rates from a macro perspective," Nico explained.

The second approach is to look at it from the standpoint of the industry. Choose a technology company in Indonesia, for example, whose user penetration has increased.

For example, it is not only used in Java but has begun to spread beyond the region. Not only that, but keep an eye on how the government assists the industrial sector.

"Finally, is the company long-term sustainable, so consider the value and cost," Nico said.

According to Nico, if the company has succeeded in monetizing and is not being abandoned by its users, as well as if their losses are decreasing, this is a positive catalyst.

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