How To Turn Find My Iphone Off From Computer - Answer

How To Turn Find My Iphone Off From Computer

 How To Turn Find My Iphone Off From Computer Do you want to use Find My iPhone to locate your misplaced phone? This feature is provided to assist iPhone owners in tracking down lost cell phones, and it is made even easier to use with iCloud on the computer. This tutorial will show you how to use Find My iPhone from a computer.

How To Turn Find My Iphone Off From Computer

1.Access the Find My iPhone Feature

Visit through a web browser. You can enter the Find My iPhone service from any computer.

Enter your Apple ID and password to log in. Because Find My iPhone does not require two-step authentication, you do not need to enter a verification code from a trusted device.

If you're asked to enter a code sent to a trusted device but don't have it, choose Find iPhone from the "Or get quick access to" menu.

Choose the iPhone whose location you want to monitor. Wait for the device's location to appear on the map if you only have one. If you have multiple devices, go to the top center of the screen and select All Devices, then select the device you want to search for.

2.Using Find My iPhone

Check that your iPhone can ring. When you keep your phone nearby but don't remember where it is, you can use the "Play Sound" feature. Click "Play Sound" to make the device ring loudly so you can locate it by following the sound.

Set the device to "Lost Mode". If you believe your phone has been misplaced, Lost Mode can help. When the feature is enabled, the device is locked. On your device, you will be prompted to enter a new passcode, so enter the 4-digit PIN code in the field provided. To confirm, enter the PIN code again.

After you've set the passcode, you'll be prompted to enter a phone number that anyone who has or finds your phone can call. In the "Number" column, enter the contact number. When you're finished, press the "Next" button.

You will see a message that will be displayed on the screen of the lost iPhone. You can change the message and save it by clicking Done. The iPhone will then be locked and the message you specified, as well as the number of the selected contact, will be displayed on the screen.

Without the new passcode, the device cannot be accessed, but it can still be used to call the contact number you provided.

Delete the device's data. As a last resort, you can use the "Erase iPhone" feature. You can use this option as a security measure if you believe your device has been lost and you are unable to recover it.

The "Erase iPhone" option will delete all data on the device, including applications, messages, multimedia, contacts, settings, and other data, so that no one can access or misuse your personal information. How To Turn Find My Iphone Off From Computer Thank you for reading our article

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