Technologies Of The Future 10 Sophisticated and Unexpected Future Technologies - Answer

Technologies Of The Future 10 Sophisticated and Unexpected Future Technologies

 Technologies Of The Future The technology we have today would have been unimaginable a decade ago. We had the concepts of artificial intelligence and robotics back then, but the sophistication of those technologies is now beyond comprehension.

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The same is true for the future. There may be many predictions and scenarios for the future, but the outcome may be more than that and unexpected.

Technology not only makes many things easier for us, but it also changes our way of life. There are numerous approaches and alternatives. We can now do a variety of activities that were previously impossible to do carelessly.

Technologies Of The Future 10 Sophisticated and Unexpected Future Technologies

1.Bionic Eye

One researcher is working on making a trend started by Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody of Harry Potter a reality.

Israeli surgeons implanted the world's first artificial cornea into a 78-year-old blind man in January 2021. Because the implant can fuse with human body tissue, the man can read and recognize family members after the operation.

Bionic eyes are nothing more than the future technology of the world.

2.Flying Taxis Airport

Flying cars were proposed as a reality in the black and white era. However, speculators believe the technology is insufficient. However, as cities become more congested, Urban AirPort is making delivery drones and flying electric taxis a reality.

As a clean fuel alternative, an urban airport is being built that will be powered by hydrogen generators. This could be a future technology that develops rapidly over the next decade.

3.Bricks with Power

Scientists have discovered a method to store energy in brick homes. The University of Washington in Missouri has created a brick that can be used as a battery.

Even though this technology is still in its early stages, these bricks are intended to be a future technology that can store large amounts of energy.

4. Smartwatch Powered by Sweat

Engineers at the University of Glasgow have created a new type of smart wearable that uses sweat to store energy.

This future technology replaces the electrolyte found in traditional batteries and can be fully charged in as little as 20 microliters of liquid. Sweat will enter the device via the cloth covering.

5.Living Machines

This is a bad idea, according to Hollywood movies. According to science, this is a significant advancement in technology.

Small hybrid robots made from frog embryo stem cells may one day swim inside humans for medical purposes or in the oceans to collect microplastics.

6.Suit for Heart Monitoring

Although heart monitoring watches are not new, their accuracy is questionable. KYMIRA creates smart t-shirts by printing a single lead EKG on fabric.

This garment will accurately measure heart rate and transmit it to the cloud via Bluetooth. The algorithm will analyze the data and alert the user if there are any abnormalities in the heart rate.

7.Fast Car Battery Charging

The issue with electric vehicles is their charging speed, which a fast charging battery would solve. Fast charging reduces the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries.

As a result, Penn State University researchers discovered that if a battery can be heated to 60 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes and then cooled to ambient temperature, heat damage can be avoided. The battery will be made of self-heating nickel foil, and an internal fast cooling system will be designed.

8.Silicone Chip with Artificial Neurons

Researchers have discovered a method to attach human-like neurons to silicon chips, which will mimic the electrical properties of real neurons. "Until now, neurons were like black boxes, but we were able to open the black box and peer inside," said project leader Professor Alain Nogaret. If this application is successful, it could be used to treat heart failure and even Alzheimer's disease.

9.Forest Fire Sound Technology

Forest fires pose a significant threat to both human life and the environment. Traditional methods can take weeks or even months to extinguish a large fire, but George Mason University researchers are developing a sonic extinguisher.

Because sound is made up of pressure waves, at the right frequency, it can disturb the air in the fire, cutting off its supply around the fire.

10. Concrete that heals itself

Researchers used sand, gel, and bacteria to create living concrete. According to experts, this material will be load-bearing and self-healing, as well as completely environmentally safe. The need for such discoveries stems from the fact that concrete, after water, is the second most used material on the planet.

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