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Technology Of The Aztecs

 Technology Of The Aztecs The Aztecs were said to have come from a site called Aztlan, which means "the white place" or "the place of the egrets." No one knows for certain where Aztlan is. This location could have included present-day northern Mexico, or it could have been further north. Historians know from oral history that the Aztecs roamed for many years in search of a place to reside. They arrived in the Valley of Mexico in the year 1200.

Technology Of The Aztecs

Technology Of The Aztecs

However, other Indians had settled there, and most of the agricultural land had already been occupied. The Aztecs had a difficult time finding a new home. They settled in an area with few humans and a lot of snakes. Once settled, the Aztecs were enraged at the local king, who dispatched an army to push them away. The Aztecs then sought refuge in wetlands and shallow lake waters.

The Aztecs became popularized in the nineteenth century after being utilized by an 18th century traveler. The word Aztec means "people of Aztlan," which relates to the Aztecs' homeland. However, the Aztec kingdom was made up of various factions. Tenochtitlan people, for example, call themselves Tenocha, Mexica, or Mexicacolhua. The empire also included the Texcoco Acolhua people, the Azcapotcalzoo Tepanec people, the Chalca people, xochimilca, Tlahuica, and other peoples. In many ways, the Aztec name is a misnomer. That is why it is well-known, and professionals continue to utilize it.

It should be noted, however, that the Aztec moniker is a form of mnemonic that alludes to the peoples of that Empire. The Aztecs centralized their rule on Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City), an island in the midst of Lake Tezoco. The Aztec empire stretched from the north to the Gulf of Mexico, then east to Lerma, south to the Pacific Ocean, and west to San Lorenzo.

Religion And Beliefs Of The Aztecs

The Aztecs were polytheists, meaning they worshiped multiple gods. Tlatecuhtli, the main god of the Aztecs, was one of the Aztec gods. God Huitzilopochtli (God of War), God of Rain, Statue of Coacticlue (Primary Goddess of the Aztecs), then Eagles and Jaguars, which were important animals for the Aztecs, who believed eagles to be the best hunters in the air and Jaguars to be the best hunters on earth.

Aztec Science

The Aztecs had a significantly superior educational and scientific system than the Spaniards. This is supported by the Codex Badianus, which was written in 1552 by Martinus, an Aztec doctor. The codex contains traditional herbal remedy formulas. The Aztecs were also skilled at constructing. Building techniques are used to lower the weight of the building by employing a stone called Tazontle, which has a very light weight. The main building material was tazontle, which was later covered with a hard stone such as basalt.

Aztec Arts And Sports

Although the Aztecs were known to be a savage tribe, the Aztecs were the people of the Aztec tribe who were also incredibly artistic in crafting pottery and sculptures, generating artistic images. They created artwork for soldiers, which was then frequently utilized as tattoos to commemorate their military achievements. The Aztecs, also known as love poets, enjoyed sports, particularly the Ullamalizti game, which was played on a court with a rubber ball.

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