Plantation Of Coconut Tree The Right Way to Plant Coconuts to Get Fruitful Quickly - Answer

Plantation Of Coconut Tree The Right Way to Plant Coconuts to Get Fruitful Quickly

 Plantation Of Coconut Tree - What are the best movie theaters for kids and families in Central Florida?Coconut is an intriguing plantation commodity. 

The cultivation practices must be perfect in order to produce quality coconuts. Furthermore, the appropriateness of ambient circumstances with growing conditions influences this plant's growth and productivity. A comprehensive explanation is provided by Cybext, Ministry of Agriculture, on Tuesday (22/11/2022).

The Right Way to Plant Coconuts to Get Fruitful Quickly

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Coconut orchard

The nursery is located in a coconut plantation with level topography, good drainage, near proximity to water sources, and close proximity to the planting location. The coconut seeds are sliced 5 cm wide on the coir protrusion adjacent to the stalk, facing the widest side.

In both cases, the incision is done in the same direction. After that, use pesticides and fungicides to keep pests and pathogens at bay.

The coconut seeds are then placed in the soil, incised side up and microphyll facing east. Seedlings should be planted in a triangle tangent location.

Prepare the land for farming.

The ground that will be used for coconut production must first be cleared. Herbicides are used to kill weeds that have grown on the land. After that, dig a planting hole 60 x 60 x 60 cm deep with a 9 x 9 x 9 m spacing between the holes. The excavated top soil is combined with 300 g of phosphate fertilizer. Then, replace the earth in the planting hole.


Coconuts are planted by inserting coconut seeds in previously prepared planting holes. Planting is done in the same direction to ensure fair distribution of sunlight. The planted seeds are then backfilled with the remainder of the excavated soil. Then, compact it on top of the coconut fiber with a thickness of 3 to 5 cm.

Plant maintenance

Plant care is performed to promote plant growth and productivity. Fertilization and pest and disease management are needed maintenance operations.

Fertilization occurs twice: once on immature plants (TBM) and once on mature plants (TM). TBM fertilization is performed after the plants are one month old, with the type of fertilizer provided, specifically nitrogen fertilizer up to 100 g/tree.

Harvesting Coconut plants often begin to develop fruit at 12 months of age. Harvesting is possible once a month.

Plantation Of Coconut Tree  Harvesting is accomplished by either allowing the coconuts to fall naturally or climbing and taking up the coconuts that are ready to be harvested.

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